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Accounting Systems Consulting
Our Consulting services cover a broad range of issues in which a third-party perspective is often needed. Clients draw upon our extensive knowledge and expertise to help them evaluate operational, financial and strategic issues facing their organizations.

We understand that the internal audit function is not a generic one – this is perhaps our most valuable contribution to the process. Cade, Crenshaw & Associates offers a broad range of internal audit services that are customized to address each client’s unique business challenges. Whether assisting the organization’s internal audit staff function or performing the full audit, we match our staff to your needs.

Business Plan & Strategic Planning Business Valuation Services
Today’s economic climate is ever-changing and business trends come and go. We work with you to develop strategies to help your business grow. You can rely on us to help you set up your business initially and to compete in a dynamic marketplace.We specialize in providing business valuations. We assess businesses and reach conclusions regarding value to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. Providing the value of a business is applicable for gift, trust and estate purposes; succession planning; marital dissolution; and business interruption or termination.

Tax Advisory Services
Planning is the key component of Tax Advisory Services at Cade, Crenshaw & Associates.  Preparing tax returns is a critical function, whether it is for your business or your personal life. Merely filling out forms to meet IRS requirements is not enough. The tax planning professionals at Cade, Crenshaw & Associates work on developing an overall tax strategy to minimize your total tax obligation. Throughout the year, we keep you informed regarding new and proposed tax changes that impact you and your business.

Expert Witness & Litigation
Cade, Crenshaw & Associates, P.C. is uniquely qualified to provide pretrial preparation and expert witness services based on our comprehensive knowledge of the business and accounting world. Our CPAs and professional staff, combined, possess many years of experience in taxation, business valuation, litigation support, auditing, and financial consulting. Our experience provides us with an understanding of the needs of attorneys and the court. The following are some of the litigation support service provided by Cade, Crenshaw & Associates, P.C.:

* Explanation of accounting issues and business facts relevant to legal theories and other case issues
* Development of strategies and models necessary for position argument and defense
* Preparation of requests for necessary documents and other information pertinent to case development and strategy
* Preparation and assistance with the development of deposition and direct examination questioning
* Preparation of well-supported, well-documented expert reports, calculations, and trial exhibits
* Expert witness testimony o Critical review of opposition expert testimony and report

Small Business Services
Including management of accounts payable, preparation of monthly financial statements; payroll services, sales, liquor and use tax compliance; ad valorem, business privilege tax returns; and annual business licenses

Business Valuation Serives
Over the years we have provided our clients with numerous value opinions for various types of businesses and entities. We have provided opinions of value for estate and gift tax purposes, purchases and sales of businesses, and equitable distributions related to divorce. The following is a partial list of the various types of businesses and entities we have valued:

* Retail Department Store
* Forestry Management Company
* Diagnostic Imaging Center
* Aquaculture Farm
* Ambulatory Surgery Center
* Corrugated Paper Manufacturer
* Family Limited Partnership
* Asset Holding Company
* Construction Company
* Emu Farm
* Medical Practice
* Engineering Consulting Firm

Other Services
* Bankruptcy
* Financial Statements Including Review and Compilation Services
* Forecasts and Projections for private placements, public offerings, or bank use
* Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales of closely held businesses
* Pension and Profit Sharing Plan design, administration and compliance services
* Personal Financial Planning services
* Personnel Interviewing and Recruiting services
* Estate Planning
* Service to Non-Profit Organizations including Homeowners associations
* Special Accounting Procedures including fraud investigations


Cade, Crenshaw & Associates, P.C.
2100 Southbridge Parkway
Suite 460
Birmingham, AL 35209
Telephone: 205-871-8600
Fax: 205-871-8676